5C-ADB is the best replacement of 5F-ADB. But due to the state controls increasingly stringently, the factories no longer produce 5C-ADB. Given the high demand from customers, we provide the upstream product of 5C-ADB, called 5E-ADB, formula and other materials.

You can synthetic 5F-ADB by four steps, and can get about 1.3kg 5CL-ADB per 1kg 5E-ADB.

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Recently we noticed that some vendors said that this product is 5Cl-ADB. This is wrong. Please pay attention to distinguish.


Product Name: 5E-ADB
Availability: In stock
Min. Sample:
5g-10g. [Check our sample policy]
Min. Order:
500g. (The standard for deducted the deposit of sample. In fact, any quantity is acceptable.)
Packaging : Aluminium foil bag, Plastic bag
Storage : Keep in cool and dry place

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