Protonitazene is an analytical reference standard categorized as an opioid.
Protonitazene has analgesic effects in mice.
This product is intended for research and forensic applications.


Product Name: Protonitazene
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CAS Number:
Molecular Formula:
C23H30N4O3 • HCl
Min. Sample:
1g. [Check our sample policy]
Min. Order:
500g. (The standard for deducted the deposit of sample. In fact, any quantity is acceptable.)
Packaging : Aluminium foil bag or Plastic bag
Storage : Keep in cool and dry place; -20°C


Protonitazene is classified as a novel opioid of the benzimidazole sub-class and is structurally dissimilar from fentanyl.

Protonitazene (Pronitazene, Propoxynitazene) is a new designer opioid, an analgesic in the benzimidazole class. Protonitazene, isomer of Isotonitazene, has the same effect on the body and has a similar molecular structure. Protonitazene has sedative, analgesic and euphoric effects. Like most opioids, protonitazene can be addictive.

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